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Les Cafés SATI since 1926. Roaster in Alsace for 4 generations.

The art of selection

Choose your coffees carefully…

In this first step, only intransigence counts. For a pure origin or for a blend of which only SATI has the secret, the selection of the grains leaves nothing to chance. Once the origin has been selected, several samples are compared to validate the one that best corresponds to the cup profile sought.

It is a question of choosing a country, a terroir and then a plantation. If experience guides us to the quality of a terroir, only the tasting will allow us to validate the grains and the choice of the planter who will be in charge of delivering us.

SATI has established privileged relationships all over the world with plantations known for their modest productions in quantity, but exceptional in quality.

The roasting process

The artist’s magic and science, which the roaster must be, are crucial elements in developing the qualities and specificities of each coffee bean.

It is nature that sets the limits of human intervention in the roasting process.

The tasting

The “cupping” sessions will allow the recognition of flavours and aromas, tastes and textures. This requires a rigorous preparation and a confirmed experience in the art of tasting as the range of different profiles is so wide.

The synthesis of these criteria thus established will highlight the qualities or defects of the coffee in order to check whether the coffees correspond to our standards, so that we can offer our customers the best coffee every day and with every cup.

Tasting or sensory analysis is a crucial step in the roasting profession.